Friday, April 22, 2011

I miss PhotoShoot:(

This is some my old photo's. huuuuuuuuu i really miss photo shoot. But actually there's more photo. Maybe next time i'll share it:) You know why i miss these moment? Yap. It's H-3 go to the national exam. It means, no more photoshoot like before. Just study study study and study allllllllllllll the times. Sometimes i'm bored with this condition, but i realized that i must make my parents proud. I really wanna them proud. And 1 thing! my parents told me, if my name called when the graduation as the best score, i can go to Europe!! Trip agaaaain! Yeay! But...if i go to europe.. i'm back on 7th September. You know what i mean? 8th September its my First Anniversary with Arv. I'm afraid that i'm tired and can't go with him. Hfff but i wish my body always health! And i'm still with Arv...wuh wuh. Okkkk, well wish me&All 2011 generation in Indonesia luckkk for the national exam! Get the best score! Make your parents proud! AMIIIIN. FIGHT FORE BAHASA, MATHEMATICS, ENGLISH AND SCIENCE!!!!!!!!!

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