Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The One

Arviansyah Partohap Bako 8910♥

♥The one who always be there for me
♥The one who's the name there on my book
♥The one who i call 'Mood Boaster'
♥The one who always greet me on the morning
♥The one who always say 'sleeptight and nice dream' every night
♥The one who always gimme a support
♥The one who can made me stand up from the fall
♥The one who always make me smile
♥The one who can take me to pluto
♥The one who can make me move on from the past
♥The one who can make me 'galau' sometimes
♥The one who can make my feel unpredictable
♥The one who always i tell everyday
♥The one who there on my wallpaper
♥The one who can make me always wanna stay beside him
♥The one who trust me
♥The one who can make me, can't separated from my cellphone
Actually, the one who can't i describe by mouth

But one think that i know, the one who i love.

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