Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Heyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa gue mau ngepost ini cuma gajadi melulu so...cekidot!
This is some photo(s) with half of my sancofas, yes it's saturday morning-evening, maybe.

Left: Me Right: Nadia
Black dress: Malaysia
High heeled (Me): Thailand
High heeled (Nadia): Ck

Left: Me Middle: Nadia Right: Indira
High heeled (Indira) : Sheila's
White dress (Indira) : Sorry, i haven't ask her:b

Left: Me Middle: Sheila Right: Nadia
White dress (Sheila) : ZARA
Shoe (Sheila) : I haven't ask her too^^

Left: Indira Middle: Nadia Right: Sheila
Earphone (Indira): Nadia's Malaysia
Teddy Bear (Nadia): Teddy House

Location: Alam Sutra

And this:

In this photo: Me

In this photo: Indira


In this photo: Nadia

Edited by me, Photoshop.
[I know it's not good edited:P]

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